• Rodney you plonker!

    With a trip to the big smoke on the cards for Bank holiday weekend we were in search of a parkrun to do. Reunion of friends who went to uni together 2006-2010 was the occasion and drinking and socialising was the plan! So, with a bit of map planning we settled on Peckham Parkrun, and why not, if its good enough for Del Boy its good enough for Paddy’s Project 52.

    To be honest I’m surprised as many people attend parkrun as did because we were definitely socialising with drinks the night before. The lure of Brunch booked for shortly after the run enticed plenty of people and was the carrot that everyone needed. Also, the 1st time the men have been outnumbered by the women which was epic. To be honest only now while I write this, I’m realising that and it’s a milestone that needs to be celebrated! Especially as looking at the data, unfortunately there is a lot younger girls stepping away from sport and physical activity that there are boys which is what the great charity YST are trying to combat. Also, another major celebration was having international guests on my squad. Amy and Marc were back from Aussie for a month so was great to have a bit of international flavour in the team!! I’d like to think it was purely to be part of Project52, but in reality, it was friends, family and celebrations that brought them back!

    So, Peckham parkrun being 3 loops it was a nice social start with the boys rocking up late and having a sprint start, Marc definitely caught up and passed us all, I guess you have to be pretty fit to be a former Aussie rules player! Jess as ever in a little world of her own cruising around just getting through it. And huge kudos to Kat, my vertically challenged friend, who hasn’t ran more than 3km since having Finn about 13 months ago absolutely smashed it. And you can tell me im biased, don’t they all look good in the t-shirt don’t they!? Fuelled by aperol, beer and gluten free pizza we all made it round in one piece and I think had a good time!? No sightings of Del boy unfortunately but a wee wander down to brunch spot with a coffee (& bloody Marys) and food later we were set for the day. The busyness of London is always fun for a day or two but give me countryside and fresh air any day of the week.

    Girl Power

    16 down…..36 to go!

    • Event Difficulty 1/5 Another gentle Parkrun, again maybe not helped by a few beers the night before!
    • Event Goodies 1/5 As ever free.
    • Company 5/5 Runners, Non-runners, Foreigners and locals all combined to make it a great event. Also the fact they’d been up till 2am I was impressed!
    • Eye Candy 5/5 Well running with 4 handsome ladies in my Project52 t-shirts has to get top marks! Also the lads were not bad either!!
    • Event Scran 4/5 Post event brunch was spot on. Coffee and beef brisket eggs is definitely a winner! Could have eaten more!
  • Glorious Gravel

    This week saw me take on a new challenge and a welcome break from a running event! This week’s event was a 65km Gravel sportive around the Dorset coast. Organised by a company called Glorious Gravel, their name had a lot to live up to! They run plenty of events throughout the year and hopefully I’ll get on to another one at some point throughout the challenge. An early start with a 90-minute drive down to Swanage to meet up with Nigel and Sam, my team for the day. Both experienced gravel riders and comfortable over long distances I was a bit concerned id hold them back so I’d packed loads of sweets to fuel me! With plans of a mini adventure after, I loaded up the van with lots of gear to make it an active weekend. Arrived in plenty of time and just casually got my stuff ready and the bike packed up to go. It was very casual atmosphere and no real rush to get started which was nice. We were just put off in waves when we were ready.

    Matching overshoes!

    With no notion of the route, I was just following the others and the arrows, and boy was it a fun route. Can easily say this is the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike! With a good mixture of country roads, gravel tracks and mtb trails it made for an entertaining day! As you can see from the photos, we had some stunning views, and the weather couldn’t have been better! With the Project52 cycle jerseys out in force, some great photos were produced! Knowing there was 2 aid stations enroute is how I broke the day down in my head. And if you pay for an event you’ve got to eat your money’s worth at the stops. Let me tell you, waffles with Biscoff spread on top…..WINNER! With plenty of hills and challenging sections I impressed myself with my bike handling abilities and the terrain I was coping well with. Maybe I got a bit too cocky……

    Race nutrition dialled in!
    My skills don’t match my confidence!

    The ride finished with a trip to Old Harry Rocks which is one of the first places Jess took me too when I first visited once we started going out, so it’ll always bring back happy memories. However, the long drag up from there into a headwind will unfortunately live with me for a while too! Cruised down in Swanage, along the sea front and back to race HQ where we were handed a lucky saint (0%) beer and ordered a dirty burger! Well, we did deserve it after 5hrs 28 mins in the saddle over 66kms and 1300m climbing it made for a great event and great training for the longer events to come.

    Old Harry

    The plan was to head down to Swanage and got for a swim in the wetsuits, unfortunately due to my arrogance leading to my fall my main priority was to have a wash. With no showers available on the seaside, I used the sea as my bath! First time in the sea for a year and it was cold, but I tolerated it for a short while and it’ll definitely help me acclimatise come Celtman. Hot chocolate and cake sourced we chilled for little bit before Nige and Sam headed back to Salisbury. I on the other hand was away to find my van parking spot for the night as I had a big 3hr run planned along the coast for the next day.

    Well I definitely can say ‘Glorious Gravel’ lived up to their name and I had an incredible time. Best event so far.

    Twisty Turny!

    15 down…..37 to go!

    • Event Difficulty 3.5/5 Was a long day in the saddle with lots of technical bits and plenty of vertical, but man it was fun!
    • Event Goodies 3/5 Very well stocked Aid stations and a beer to finish. No medal to show for it but the leg ache and the smiles were enough for me!
    • Company 5/5 Having worried about keeping up I was well impressed with the company. They were even brave enough to get in the sea with me! And don the cycle jerseys!
    • Eye Candy 5/5 By far the most scenic event so far. Stunning coastline, awesome sane dunes and even Corfe Castle all for good measure.
    • Event Scran 3/5 Post ride burger and beer was treat, but to be honestly I think anything would have tasted good after that!!
  • Honey I’m home!

    Oh what a luxury it was rolling out of bed and cycling 15 minutes down the road to the start line of the Salisbury 10 mile this week! Don’t get me wrong I love going on adventures, but the relaxed nature of a home race is not to be taken for granted. A wee swim and cycle the day before allowed me to get the training in also before the event. Ran by our local running club, COSARC, I didn’t realise how popular it would be. Expecting 2-300 participants it was very nice to see close to 800 runners around and all from local clubs. Fortunately the project52 club was out in 4…..it could have been 5 but eventual winner of the event wanted to running in his club vest. Imagine that, my t-shirts winning an event!!

    ‘Alright Mate’

    So with registration being at our leisure centre, I avoided the urge of a few cheeky bicep curls before the start, and collected my number 893. At least I had a good chance of beating my bib number! The route is well known to me on a bike but can’t say I’ve ever ran that direction of the route. We were all ushered onto the newish running track and the gun went. As ever I stand middle of the pack so the gun going is always a bit of an anti-climax and you never tend to move on the bang! Getting carried along by the masses and the spectators it was a reasonably speedy start but felt good. As with every other race my aim is to enjoy and just go at whatever speed I feel like on the day. ‘Ignore the watch’ is the motto of the challenge and that I did.


    Cruising through the Woodford valley for the first half was nice and gentle, great weather and plenty of people cheering us on. Only downside…. passing two pubs and not going in! Knowing the route can be good and bad at the same time, you know when the hills are coming but you also know when the marshals try to lie and say, ‘this is the last hill’. Let me tell you Salterton hill is hard on a bike never mind foot!! But what goes up must come down and down it did. With chief supporter Jess on hand for the paparazzi moment. Jess had kindly ran out to meet me and in the process had to help a runner into an ambulance and lost one of her new drinks bottles, reckon she had a more eventful day than me! After this point is was all the way back to Salisbury, a wee victory lap around the track and through the finish. What an event an very surprised with my time 1hr 12mins, enough to have me finish 168/746! My fastest 10miler (only my 3rd one but hey!).  A few cheers later and the project52 crew were done and dusted, they certainly did the t-shirts proud. Pedalled into town for a coffee and sausage roll and that was me done and dusted for another week!

    14 down…..38 to go!

    • Event Difficulty 2/5 10 steady miles around my home roads, made harder by the fact I usually cycle them!
    • Event Goodies 2/5 T-shirt, medal and a banana pretty solid collection.
    • Company 4/5 Nancy and Doug once again made a Projct52 appearance but didn’t bring Gary with them, clearly that’s the dropped mark! Also Harry could have won it in a Project52 T but didn’t want to know us!! Also great to have so many people cheering on the road sides.
    • Eye Candy 2/5 You get to see more when running over cycling. Few too many nice looking pubs though!
    • Event Scran 1/5 Forgot my pennies so no post race snack from the catering tent!
  • Oh what a Knight!

    So this week saw me take on another Parkrun and was very nice to be back in the homeland and celebrating a good friends wedding! Having lived in Edinburgh all my childhood I was surprised how little I had visited Fife, which is just across the water! My only real visits had been to play rugby with school and Uni.

    Morning Brew with a View

    With the main of event of the wedding happening on the Saturday afternoon I was pushing it to have company on my run! But a few promises made over pints the night before I had a 6 person motely crew. heading to St Andrews for the parkrun. Mr Parkrun Francis May had surveyed the route, the top times and the average turn out and he’d come to the conclusion Fifers are fast! As per all my events its not about speed its about smiles so I made it clear that my pace was going to be very relaxed, 6 pints of tenants the night before, Relaxed! We even managed to rope Lucas, who’s not ran a 5k or had an idea of what parkrun was, in for the fun.

    Kerz kind photography!

    With the crew assembled at the start it was time to get running. 3 loops around Craigtoun Country park on mostly gravel paths made it clear that running 15.10 (course record) on this route is no joke! We all started together and Kerz kindly offered to cruise behind and take photos initially. With no one wanting to say too fast or two slow it became about enjoying it at your own pace. I stayed with Francis, who made it look easy, right up until the end when he had to out sprint some lad for that all important placing. Me on the other hand politely allowed others in front! I love the atmosphere at Parkruns, everyone cheering each other on, everyone there for different goals and just everyone having a great time. With all the squad putting in a great effort to get it down it was the perfect start to a wedding weekend.

    Another one down!

    Now we headed back to scrub up for the Wedding of the Year and get drinking! With our lovely partners on the bacon and egg roll duties it was gonna be a good start! Another weekend, another event, another great group of friends joining me.


    25% the way through the challenge!

    13 down…..39 to go!

    • Event Difficulty 1/5 Nice gentle 5km parkrun are always good for rest event. Potentially a 1.5/5 due to the beers the night before, but that’s self inflicted!
    • Event Goodies 1/5 Parkruns are hands down the best invention for physical activity in the UK. So many people get so much out of them. Definitely going to try become a regular at one post Project52
    • Company 5/5 Any event that involves a social evening before and then a Wedding to get ready for and people still turn up well that get a full score from me!
    • Eye Candy 2/5 A really nice park and the Golf course we passed through on the way in was very fancy. Gonna include the views of our cottage before the event too.
    • Event Scran 0/5 No food but luckily Carla cooked us up a storm on our return to line the stomachs for a day of celebrating!
  • Mixing it up

    Finally my first multisport event of the year! Buccaneer Duathlon at the beautiful Bucklers Hard. Another Challenging event race (I’ll be due a loyalty card soon!) and another free entry due to marshalling last year. Lets just say…..Spring has Sprung!

    Run 10km (2 x 5km loops), Cycle 35km through the New Forest avoiding any wild ponies, Run 5km (1 x loop). Nothing taxing for a Sunday morning…..This is the 3rd time I have raced at bucklers hard and each time I’ve forgotten how picturesque the surroundings are. With a handful of Tri club members joining me and 14 deg forecasted we were in for a belter. Only problem is we are now getting into the early starting races. With the previous earliest being a 9am start and a 7am wake up call, the reality of mad early triathlon races was starting to dawn on me! Also now having to remember not just your trainers adds an little more spice to the pre race nervous and packing, but with my van I end up just taking loads with me (probably enough for a weeks training camp) just to make sure!

    Tell me I don’t look good…I dare you!!

    New Tri suit and cycling kit arrived early this week so I was gonna look all the rage at the race. Number picked up, bike racked, suncream lathered on (yep I need factor 50 in March, pasty Scotmans alert!) and suit zipped up we were ready to go! Time trial start made for a big game of cat and mouse, friend Olly being my first victim! He’s just bought a new rocketship so I knew I’d have to get a wee bit ahead to avoid the catch on the bike! With only having done runs so far I needed to keep checking the ego as reminding myself I still had to bike and run again so not to go crazy! First 10km went really well, steadily along a country lane and then through a forest into the ship yard and onto transition, oh no wait how can I forget the hill up and through transition. I think race organisers are a sadistic bunch! Picked up another free gel and onto my 2nd lap. Steady away and onto the bike.

    Won’t miss me!!

    Donned the new long sleeve cycling jersey…..mainly for the sponsors your know! Nah the sun was deceiving as was still a bit of chilly cruising around on the bike. Successfully navigated 35km through the New Forest, avoiding all the ponies and even a few generous motorists keeping me on my toes with some closes passes! Was nice to get used to ride the bike semi-fast again but think the under carriage is going to need some further training!

    Face when realised I had another loop to do!

    Bike offloaded, trainers on, helmet swapped for cap and 5km to go to finish! Luckily most of the first half was in the shade so minimal sunburn here and the thought of a cold drink and cheering on the others is what got me through the final run. I actually ran faster in the 2nd run compared to the 1st which is not common practice. Jess and family just managed to catch me, maybe I should be more confident in my time predictions when advising them about spectating! Up that bloody hill again and into the finish. But not sure anyone was watching as pretty sure Gary, the puppy, stole all the limelight! Even from her dad who had just smashed his first duathlon and only looked in slight pain by the end!


    So next week we go Parkrun touristing again but this time up in Scotland. Good friends are getting married so wee cheeky Parkrun the morning of the wedding to make room for some refreshments!

    12 down…..40 to go!

    Event Difficulty 3/5 Each stand alone leg was nice but combined, made it all a bit tasty!! Repetitive loops meant at least you knew what to expect!
    Event Goodies 3/5 Another free event due to last years marshalling duties, a hefty medal and another t-shirt, this time a casual one which is welcomed.
    Company 5/5 Any event where Gary the puppy is, automatically gets 5/5! But also having a few friends there to lighten the mood and make it a fun day out is good.
    Eye Candy 3.5/5 If there was only 1 loop of each then the score would have been higher, but there is marks added for Bucklers Hard which is stunning. Also a few banging bikes in transition.
    Event Scran 4/5 Headed to The Royal Oak in the New Forest for post race roast, and a couple of shandys! What a time to be alive!!

  • She was a perfect 10!

    She was a perfect 10!

    10 Stunning Offroad Miles!

    10 amazing events!

    10 sunny degrees!

    After a few weekend changes due to Longleat being moved I was in search for an event for the weekend of the 26th Feb and boy did I pick well. Not gonna lie I was browsing away on some various sites and was lured in by the look of an awesome cafe and good coffee! Blended Trails certainly know how to choose a race venue! Mass invite put out and 3 fellow tri club members signed up to keep me company, the café was a selling point in their eyes too! Also it was a Saturday race, so a few beers in Saturday evening was definitely on the cards after!

    Pre race photo

    A flat tyre almost derailed our journey but with a quick car swap we headed an hour up the road to Chilton Manor Farm. With no notion of the route we were scouting out the landscape as we drove into the estate and the realisation dawned that there was going to be hills! Very relaxed atmosphere at the start and some pleasant conversation with other runners, trying to spread the @paddysporoject52 message obviously!

    3,2,1….GO! Straight up a hill for a good 500m+, who needs to warm up eh! From that point onwards the route never failed to disappoint! Weaving through fields, down bridleways and visiting a couple of small villages, The Hard Yards 10 had to be one of the nicest routes so far. Again going brave with just the t-shirt was a gamble initially but it definitely paid off. Phil even decided to strip off halfway around, some sheep got more than an eyeful on a Saturday morning!! The whole event was so friendly, everyone cheering each other on and no egos in play.

    Checkout this view!

    With no idea of the route we just kept bumbling on, well actually Nicky allowed no bumbling and reckon she was pushing for a ‘negative split’ all the time making it look too easy! As we appeared from the last up hill and turned right onto a road you could see the finish line down the hill. We all came tumbling down the hill into the finish and the best medal so far was handed over! Eco friendly and all! As if 10 miles was not enough the proceed to make us walk another MILE (probably only 400m but felt far) to the coffee shop! Coffee and cake consumed we were back on the road heading home.

    Next week (I wrote this as if I should written it prior to the following week where in reality I’m playing catch-up!) sees me go solo again and take on Hullavington 20miler, longest run for a good few years!

    Perfect 10

    10 down…..42 to go!

    Nice to know where we ran!!

    Event Difficulty 3/5 Lumpy 10miler with no idea where the finish was at any point, didn’t take away from the enjoyment!
    Event Goodies 3/5 Best Medal so far, wooden number. Otherwise left pretty empty handed but full hearted!
    Company 4.5/5 Phil starting to be the Project52 MVP! Sandra trying to sabatage the race by having a flat tyre! Also Nikki going “easy” ain’t easy!
    Eye Candy 3.5/5 Nice route with some beautiful farmland and a nice village explored.
    Event Scran 3/5 Good coffee and brownie tied me over for the journey home. Definitely should have gone into the café proper!

  • Hellava 20mile!

    Hellava 20mile!

    6th of March saw me take on my biggest challenge of the project so far, Hullavington 20miler. After not running that sort of distance since early 2020 it was going to be a bit of a test for the old pins!! Initially I had plans to test of my van an try sleep in it the night before to get used to the logistics but our Tri club belated xmas party was scheduled for the night before.

    So an early-ish start to drive up to Hullavington which is just West of Swindon to attend another Stampede Sports event. I had my fingers crossed for a piece of that tasty lemon drizzle cake again! With only 70 runners it was a nice local event which meant it was going to test me physically and mentally as 20 miles is a long way to run solo. Again the moto ‘Be bold, start cold’ was running through my head so opted for just the t-shirt again and what a decision it was, I’m getting good at this! The route was 2 unequal loops which took consisted of mainly country lanes. With limited info about drinks stations I blagged it and fitted a few gels in my shorts and these were a godsend. Hydration is key!

    So lonely!!

    Within a few minutes of the start the field had spread out, with no urge to look at my watch I was just going on feel and making sure I was comfortable. Got chatting to another guy for a few kms which broke down the first section and then I was alone. Into the back half of the first 10 miles I was just breaking it down into manageable chunks and then when I hit 10miles a weight seemed to lift off my shoulder, it was all down hill from here…metaphorically, not literally! Into the final 7+ miles I got comfortable and was able to pick the pace up a little and take over a few people which was quite the confidence boost. As I pulled into the finishing village the timing clock read 2.55 which I was so chuffed with as was hoping to go under 3 hours, and I did it all without looking at my watch. Also the numbers post race didn’t look bad either which is reassuring.

    Already eyeing up the cake!

    Now the search for the lemon drizzle begins….only to be met with options, so I took a bit of brownie and lemon drizzle (hope the race organisers don’t read this blog and ban me for life!!). Another event and a very pleasing/confidence boosting performance. 20 solid miles with limited pain or issues got me feeling happy for weeks to come. Optimal post race nutrition of Burger King enroute home was the cherry on top of a successful event!!

    Distance number is getting bigger!

    Jess’s 30th next week means I have my first rest weekend of the project. Wee trip to Wales to go ziplining and celebrate her getting old!! Following that I’ll be back with my first multisport event, Buccaneer Duathlon on 20th March!

    Minimal photography = selfies when home!!

    11 down…..41 to go!

    Event Difficulty 3.5/5 20 steady country lane miles, nothing crazy but felt solid.
    Event Goodies 3.5/5 Banging lemon drizzle and brownie, medals are always welcome.
    Company 5/5 As I’ve said before, if you don’t love yourself then who will love you! Another solo Sunday!
    Eye Candy 3/5 Nice route with plenty of countryside a few glimpses of the M4 to let the imagination wander, but two loops was a bit repetitive!
    Event Scran 5/5 Double whopper and chilli cheese bites with coke (what’s with takeaways charging more for normal coke, dam sugar tax!)

  • Caribbean Twist

    Whenever I read the title it takes me back to my uni days of mixing Lambrini and old faithful Caribbean twist, but you’ve not come here to hear about my uni! Event 9 saw the return of friends at the Winchester 10km run by Challenging events. The event was touch and go until about 6pm the night before due to Eunice, that wicked mistress! Challenging events pulled out all the stops and got the route primed and ready for close to a 1000 runners to embrace the roads of the medieval city!

    A few weeks prior to the event I raised the idea with Chloe of trying to go fast and beat my PB, who kindly laughed and informed me it was a hilly course. To be honest I didn’t really believe her……Now I do! Over recent weeks I’ve been pretty slack with my race research prior to turning up which has not been quite refreshing to just turn up and run and not have a clue what’s coming or going. But reckon I may need to up my game as the distances get a little longer and more intense. Also relying on others for lifts (thanks Nancy) means can rock up blindly to events with no concept of direction or location!

    Chris enjoyed being tall!!

    10 km on closed roads through Winchester city and into the sticks and back made for a very pleasant and peaceful run without the worry of being on the road. Well I say peaceful, WHO RUNS WITH THEIR NIKE APP ANNOUCING TO THE WORLD HOW FAR THEY HAVE GONE AND HOW FAST! (Sorry mini rant over!). The marshals were great as always, especially the lad at the top of the lane with the choons cranking! However the gentlemen at the top of ” the last hill” you lied, there was more!! Again the freedom of running for fun and not looking at the watch was the best feeling, which was boosted even further when I saw the finish clock be sub 45 as I crossed line. Notable mention to the supporter wearing her dressing gowning and cheering, I envy you!!

    Once again shown up by the old boys of Salisbury Tri club, Chris and Rhys coming in either side of 42 mins respectively. Doug and Nancy fuelled by Spanish beer and cheese from their recent ski trip put in a huge effort. Chole, who warned me of the hills, certainty wasn’t wrong with the undulations but manage to push the effort and get the job done! Another t-shirt to the collection, some snacks and a wee photo with the group to show off the medals before heading for brunch. Turtle Bay (understand the title now!?) has now got me wanting to move to the Caribbean. Who would have thought fried chicken is acceptable at 10am on a morning…..not that I’m doing anything ‘normal’ during Project52!

    Next week sees me head to Hard Yards 10miler in Alresford. Be nice to try out the next trail trainer. Yes after complaining of mine needing replaced I finally bought some!

    Gonna run out of fingers soon!!

    9 Down…..43 to go!

    See the traitors in red & black!?
    • Event Difficulty 2.5/5 It certainly wasn’t a flat 10km but it was a fun one!
    • Event Goodies 3/5 Another free event due to last years marshalling duties, a hefty medal and another t-shirt. I may go into business of selling event t-shirts after this!!
    • Company4.5/5 Any company after after running solo last week was going to score well, then getting invited to 5th wheel the cocktail boozers from Southampton Parkrun (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then go back 2 blogs!!). Also the speedsters of Romsey, Chrish & Rhys, were back to destroy my time. But can’t complain with t-shirts fnishing in the top 50!! But 0.5 knocked off for Chloe and Evan refusing to wear Project52 Gear!!
    • Eye Candy 1/5 Nice route but pretty average main road route, apart fromt he banging tunes at the top of one lane!
    • Event Scran 5/5 Turtlebay has some good brunch options, bottomless brunch was considered!!
  • Riding Solo

    Wiltshire 10miler was a wet and windy affair, but I cant really complain about the weather as it was my first poor weather of the project! I was going solo up to Melksham for this race, couldn’t persuade anyone to join me! A leisurely 10am start meant not a crazy early morning as only 1 hour up the road. The drive up was a full speed windscreen wiper affair so it didn’t fill me with excitement for the coming 90 minutes!

    With limited event details provided by the organisers I had no clue about bag drop, aid stations but from speaking with others in the car park…no one else had a clue either! Had to weigh up would I rather lose my jacket or get frozen while waiting for the start, stolen jacket it was and I jogged to the race HQ. Was good to see lots of local running clubs being represented, a few from COSARC (could have got a lift with a random!) and some serious looking runners. I stayed well away from the front.

    Off we went for 10 miles of country roads up and around a small Wiltshire village called Lacock and then back into Melksham where they decided to put a hill just before the finish, cheers! I took the 1st 5miles steady but then the 2nd half was cold, wetter and headwindy so I decided to put a bit more effort in to get home quicker! Feeling wetter than an otters pocket I crossed the line and instantly felt cold! So grabbed my medal and Lemon drizzle cake (priorities!) then jogged back to the van. A few average photos later I got changed into my dry gear grabbed a coffee and a Greggs pasty and headed home with the AC on full blast!

    Very Wet selfie!!

    It kinda worked out well that I had no company as standing around or having others waiting for me would have been miserable.

    Bit of Bling!

    Winchester 10km next, and the return of Friends!!

    8 Down…..44 to go!!

    Chuffed with pace.
    • Event Difficulty 2/5 Nice gentle 10 miles around the Wiltshire lanes, weather made it go quicker!
    • Event Goodies 2/5 Best post race lemon drizzle cake I’ve had, managed to bring a bite back for Jess and she agreed! Solid medal too.
    • Company 5.5/5 Because if I don’t love myself…. who else is gonna!?
    • Eye Candy 2/5 Lacock is a pretty wee village with some dream houses, pity the grey sky’s killed any other views!
    • Event Scran 2/5 My Greggs sausage and bean pasty was hot and the Mocha warming so can’t complain too much, but no bacon roll in sight!!
  • Cocktails make great pre race nutrition!

    With a week of recovery training it was good to take in another new parkrun and enjoy it at a nice sociable pace. Southampton Common Parkrun was the venue for Event 7 and I managed to persuaded Jess to take on her first of hopefully many of the project!

    A short trip along the A36 and a few laps around the park, Jess studying for 3 years here clearly didn’t make any difference to her road knowledge, we met up with Nancy, Doug, Chloe and Evan. Who deserve huge kudos for hitting the cocktails till 1am the night before and still managed to get outta bed! By the smell of them, they were some pretty strong cocktails!! Cant say i’ve ever seen Nancy so quiet!

    Southampton Common Parkrun is a really nice, really busy (900+ runners this week, but has been up to 1600 before!) couple of loop course of a few hills! Always confidence building when your cruising alongside people who sound like they’re about to breath up a lung!! Another painful route around a very fun looking playpark with a zip line which again i’d much rather be doing than running. Into the longest post finish line chute I’ve ever experienced, bar code scanned and now added onto my watch (technology eh!) and Parkrun was done. After the most complicated Coffee order, eh Nance, and a quick debrief and ski lesson. Jess and I headed to Ikea, Because who can go to Southampton and not go to Ikea!

    Shopping done, only went for a cuddly toy, and then onto M&S for bacon roll and coffee to finish off a perfect recovery week event. Jess needs to revise for her Vet Nurse exams but it may become the official Project52 mascot once exams are passed!!

    7 down…..45 to go!

    • Event Difficulty 1/5 Pleasantly busy Parkrun with a couple steady hills to enjoy the graft.
    • Event Goodies 1/5 Free event which is always appreciated by the bank account!
    • Company 5/5 Anything with Jess has to be scored this, just incase she reads this!! Also for the others to be on the booze till 1am and still rock up and put in a shift is huge kudos from me! Who knew Bacardi had performance enhancing ability!
    • Eye Candy 2/5 Bit of an Oasis in the middle of a big city!
    • Event Scran 1/5 Would easily be a 4/5 if we include the M&S bacon roll and coffee, but if just the park beverage then 1/5 is a fair score!