Rodney you plonker!

With a trip to the big smoke on the cards for Bank holiday weekend we were in search of a parkrun to do. Reunion of friends who went to uni together 2006-2010 was the occasion and drinking and socialising was the plan! So, with a bit of map planning we settled on Peckham Parkrun, and why not, if its good enough for Del Boy its good enough for Paddy’s Project 52.

To be honest I’m surprised as many people attend parkrun as did because we were definitely socialising with drinks the night before. The lure of Brunch booked for shortly after the run enticed plenty of people and was the carrot that everyone needed. Also, the 1st time the men have been outnumbered by the women which was epic. To be honest only now while I write this, I’m realising that and it’s a milestone that needs to be celebrated! Especially as looking at the data, unfortunately there is a lot younger girls stepping away from sport and physical activity that there are boys which is what the great charity YST are trying to combat. Also, another major celebration was having international guests on my squad. Amy and Marc were back from Aussie for a month so was great to have a bit of international flavour in the team!! I’d like to think it was purely to be part of Project52, but in reality, it was friends, family and celebrations that brought them back!

So, Peckham parkrun being 3 loops it was a nice social start with the boys rocking up late and having a sprint start, Marc definitely caught up and passed us all, I guess you have to be pretty fit to be a former Aussie rules player! Jess as ever in a little world of her own cruising around just getting through it. And huge kudos to Kat, my vertically challenged friend, who hasn’t ran more than 3km since having Finn about 13 months ago absolutely smashed it. And you can tell me im biased, don’t they all look good in the t-shirt don’t they!? Fuelled by aperol, beer and gluten free pizza we all made it round in one piece and I think had a good time!? No sightings of Del boy unfortunately but a wee wander down to brunch spot with a coffee (& bloody Marys) and food later we were set for the day. The busyness of London is always fun for a day or two but give me countryside and fresh air any day of the week.

Girl Power

16 down…..36 to go!

  • Event Difficulty 1/5 Another gentle Parkrun, again maybe not helped by a few beers the night before!
  • Event Goodies 1/5 As ever free.
  • Company 5/5 Runners, Non-runners, Foreigners and locals all combined to make it a great event. Also the fact they’d been up till 2am I was impressed!
  • Eye Candy 5/5 Well running with 4 handsome ladies in my Project52 t-shirts has to get top marks! Also the lads were not bad either!!
  • Event Scran 4/5 Post event brunch was spot on. Coffee and beef brisket eggs is definitely a winner! Could have eaten more!

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