Oh what a Knight!

So this week saw me take on another Parkrun and was very nice to be back in the homeland and celebrating a good friends wedding! Having lived in Edinburgh all my childhood I was surprised how little I had visited Fife, which is just across the water! My only real visits had been to play rugby with school and Uni.

Morning Brew with a View

With the main of event of the wedding happening on the Saturday afternoon I was pushing it to have company on my run! But a few promises made over pints the night before I had a 6 person motely crew. heading to St Andrews for the parkrun. Mr Parkrun Francis May had surveyed the route, the top times and the average turn out and he’d come to the conclusion Fifers are fast! As per all my events its not about speed its about smiles so I made it clear that my pace was going to be very relaxed, 6 pints of tenants the night before, Relaxed! We even managed to rope Lucas, who’s not ran a 5k or had an idea of what parkrun was, in for the fun.

Kerz kind photography!

With the crew assembled at the start it was time to get running. 3 loops around Craigtoun Country park on mostly gravel paths made it clear that running 15.10 (course record) on this route is no joke! We all started together and Kerz kindly offered to cruise behind and take photos initially. With no one wanting to say too fast or two slow it became about enjoying it at your own pace. I stayed with Francis, who made it look easy, right up until the end when he had to out sprint some lad for that all important placing. Me on the other hand politely allowed others in front! I love the atmosphere at Parkruns, everyone cheering each other on, everyone there for different goals and just everyone having a great time. With all the squad putting in a great effort to get it down it was the perfect start to a wedding weekend.

Another one down!

Now we headed back to scrub up for the Wedding of the Year and get drinking! With our lovely partners on the bacon and egg roll duties it was gonna be a good start! Another weekend, another event, another great group of friends joining me.


25% the way through the challenge!

13 down…..39 to go!

  • Event Difficulty 1/5 Nice gentle 5km parkrun are always good for rest event. Potentially a 1.5/5 due to the beers the night before, but that’s self inflicted!
  • Event Goodies 1/5 Parkruns are hands down the best invention for physical activity in the UK. So many people get so much out of them. Definitely going to try become a regular at one post Project52
  • Company 5/5 Any event that involves a social evening before and then a Wedding to get ready for and people still turn up well that get a full score from me!
  • Eye Candy 2/5 A really nice park and the Golf course we passed through on the way in was very fancy. Gonna include the views of our cottage before the event too.
  • Event Scran 0/5 No food but luckily Carla cooked us up a storm on our return to line the stomachs for a day of celebrating!

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