Honey I’m home!

Oh what a luxury it was rolling out of bed and cycling 15 minutes down the road to the start line of the Salisbury 10 mile this week! Don’t get me wrong I love going on adventures, but the relaxed nature of a home race is not to be taken for granted. A wee swim and cycle the day before allowed me to get the training in also before the event. Ran by our local running club, COSARC, I didn’t realise how popular it would be. Expecting 2-300 participants it was very nice to see close to 800 runners around and all from local clubs. Fortunately the project52 club was out in 4…..it could have been 5 but eventual winner of the event wanted to running in his club vest. Imagine that, my t-shirts winning an event!!

‘Alright Mate’

So with registration being at our leisure centre, I avoided the urge of a few cheeky bicep curls before the start, and collected my number 893. At least I had a good chance of beating my bib number! The route is well known to me on a bike but can’t say I’ve ever ran that direction of the route. We were all ushered onto the newish running track and the gun went. As ever I stand middle of the pack so the gun going is always a bit of an anti-climax and you never tend to move on the bang! Getting carried along by the masses and the spectators it was a reasonably speedy start but felt good. As with every other race my aim is to enjoy and just go at whatever speed I feel like on the day. ‘Ignore the watch’ is the motto of the challenge and that I did.


Cruising through the Woodford valley for the first half was nice and gentle, great weather and plenty of people cheering us on. Only downside…. passing two pubs and not going in! Knowing the route can be good and bad at the same time, you know when the hills are coming but you also know when the marshals try to lie and say, ‘this is the last hill’. Let me tell you Salterton hill is hard on a bike never mind foot!! But what goes up must come down and down it did. With chief supporter Jess on hand for the paparazzi moment. Jess had kindly ran out to meet me and in the process had to help a runner into an ambulance and lost one of her new drinks bottles, reckon she had a more eventful day than me! After this point is was all the way back to Salisbury, a wee victory lap around the track and through the finish. What an event an very surprised with my time 1hr 12mins, enough to have me finish 168/746! My fastest 10miler (only my 3rd one but hey!).  A few cheers later and the project52 crew were done and dusted, they certainly did the t-shirts proud. Pedalled into town for a coffee and sausage roll and that was me done and dusted for another week!

14 down…..38 to go!

  • Event Difficulty 2/5 10 steady miles around my home roads, made harder by the fact I usually cycle them!
  • Event Goodies 2/5 T-shirt, medal and a banana pretty solid collection.
  • Company 4/5 Nancy and Doug once again made a Projct52 appearance but didn’t bring Gary with them, clearly that’s the dropped mark! Also Harry could have won it in a Project52 T but didn’t want to know us!! Also great to have so many people cheering on the road sides.
  • Eye Candy 2/5 You get to see more when running over cycling. Few too many nice looking pubs though!
  • Event Scran 1/5 Forgot my pennies so no post race snack from the catering tent!

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