She was a perfect 10!

She was a perfect 10!

10 Stunning Offroad Miles!

10 amazing events!

10 sunny degrees!

After a few weekend changes due to Longleat being moved I was in search for an event for the weekend of the 26th Feb and boy did I pick well. Not gonna lie I was browsing away on some various sites and was lured in by the look of an awesome cafe and good coffee! Blended Trails certainly know how to choose a race venue! Mass invite put out and 3 fellow tri club members signed up to keep me company, the café was a selling point in their eyes too! Also it was a Saturday race, so a few beers in Saturday evening was definitely on the cards after!

Pre race photo

A flat tyre almost derailed our journey but with a quick car swap we headed an hour up the road to Chilton Manor Farm. With no notion of the route we were scouting out the landscape as we drove into the estate and the realisation dawned that there was going to be hills! Very relaxed atmosphere at the start and some pleasant conversation with other runners, trying to spread the @paddysporoject52 message obviously!

3,2,1….GO! Straight up a hill for a good 500m+, who needs to warm up eh! From that point onwards the route never failed to disappoint! Weaving through fields, down bridleways and visiting a couple of small villages, The Hard Yards 10 had to be one of the nicest routes so far. Again going brave with just the t-shirt was a gamble initially but it definitely paid off. Phil even decided to strip off halfway around, some sheep got more than an eyeful on a Saturday morning!! The whole event was so friendly, everyone cheering each other on and no egos in play.

Checkout this view!

With no idea of the route we just kept bumbling on, well actually Nicky allowed no bumbling and reckon she was pushing for a ‘negative split’ all the time making it look too easy! As we appeared from the last up hill and turned right onto a road you could see the finish line down the hill. We all came tumbling down the hill into the finish and the best medal so far was handed over! Eco friendly and all! As if 10 miles was not enough the proceed to make us walk another MILE (probably only 400m but felt far) to the coffee shop! Coffee and cake consumed we were back on the road heading home.

Next week (I wrote this as if I should written it prior to the following week where in reality I’m playing catch-up!) sees me go solo again and take on Hullavington 20miler, longest run for a good few years!

Perfect 10

10 down…..42 to go!

Nice to know where we ran!!

Event Difficulty 3/5 Lumpy 10miler with no idea where the finish was at any point, didn’t take away from the enjoyment!
Event Goodies 3/5 Best Medal so far, wooden number. Otherwise left pretty empty handed but full hearted!
Company 4.5/5 Phil starting to be the Project52 MVP! Sandra trying to sabatage the race by having a flat tyre! Also Nikki going “easy” ain’t easy!
Eye Candy 3.5/5 Nice route with some beautiful farmland and a nice village explored.
Event Scran 3/5 Good coffee and brownie tied me over for the journey home. Definitely should have gone into the café proper!

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