Mixing it up

Finally my first multisport event of the year! Buccaneer Duathlon at the beautiful Bucklers Hard. Another Challenging event race (I’ll be due a loyalty card soon!) and another free entry due to marshalling last year. Lets just say…..Spring has Sprung!

Run 10km (2 x 5km loops), Cycle 35km through the New Forest avoiding any wild ponies, Run 5km (1 x loop). Nothing taxing for a Sunday morning…..This is the 3rd time I have raced at bucklers hard and each time I’ve forgotten how picturesque the surroundings are. With a handful of Tri club members joining me and 14 deg forecasted we were in for a belter. Only problem is we are now getting into the early starting races. With the previous earliest being a 9am start and a 7am wake up call, the reality of mad early triathlon races was starting to dawn on me! Also now having to remember not just your trainers adds an little more spice to the pre race nervous and packing, but with my van I end up just taking loads with me (probably enough for a weeks training camp) just to make sure!

Tell me I don’t look good…I dare you!!

New Tri suit and cycling kit arrived early this week so I was gonna look all the rage at the race. Number picked up, bike racked, suncream lathered on (yep I need factor 50 in March, pasty Scotmans alert!) and suit zipped up we were ready to go! Time trial start made for a big game of cat and mouse, friend Olly being my first victim! He’s just bought a new rocketship so I knew I’d have to get a wee bit ahead to avoid the catch on the bike! With only having done runs so far I needed to keep checking the ego as reminding myself I still had to bike and run again so not to go crazy! First 10km went really well, steadily along a country lane and then through a forest into the ship yard and onto transition, oh no wait how can I forget the hill up and through transition. I think race organisers are a sadistic bunch! Picked up another free gel and onto my 2nd lap. Steady away and onto the bike.

Won’t miss me!!

Donned the new long sleeve cycling jersey…..mainly for the sponsors your know! Nah the sun was deceiving as was still a bit of chilly cruising around on the bike. Successfully navigated 35km through the New Forest, avoiding all the ponies and even a few generous motorists keeping me on my toes with some closes passes! Was nice to get used to ride the bike semi-fast again but think the under carriage is going to need some further training!

Face when realised I had another loop to do!

Bike offloaded, trainers on, helmet swapped for cap and 5km to go to finish! Luckily most of the first half was in the shade so minimal sunburn here and the thought of a cold drink and cheering on the others is what got me through the final run. I actually ran faster in the 2nd run compared to the 1st which is not common practice. Jess and family just managed to catch me, maybe I should be more confident in my time predictions when advising them about spectating! Up that bloody hill again and into the finish. But not sure anyone was watching as pretty sure Gary, the puppy, stole all the limelight! Even from her dad who had just smashed his first duathlon and only looked in slight pain by the end!


So next week we go Parkrun touristing again but this time up in Scotland. Good friends are getting married so wee cheeky Parkrun the morning of the wedding to make room for some refreshments!

12 down…..40 to go!

Event Difficulty 3/5 Each stand alone leg was nice but combined, made it all a bit tasty!! Repetitive loops meant at least you knew what to expect!
Event Goodies 3/5 Another free event due to last years marshalling duties, a hefty medal and another t-shirt, this time a casual one which is welcomed.
Company 5/5 Any event where Gary the puppy is, automatically gets 5/5! But also having a few friends there to lighten the mood and make it a fun day out is good.
Eye Candy 3.5/5 If there was only 1 loop of each then the score would have been higher, but there is marks added for Bucklers Hard which is stunning. Also a few banging bikes in transition.
Event Scran 4/5 Headed to The Royal Oak in the New Forest for post race roast, and a couple of shandys! What a time to be alive!!

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