Hellava 20mile!

6th of March saw me take on my biggest challenge of the project so far, Hullavington 20miler. After not running that sort of distance since early 2020 it was going to be a bit of a test for the old pins!! Initially I had plans to test of my van an try sleep in it the night before to get used to the logistics but our Tri club belated xmas party was scheduled for the night before.

So an early-ish start to drive up to Hullavington which is just West of Swindon to attend another Stampede Sports event. I had my fingers crossed for a piece of that tasty lemon drizzle cake again! With only 70 runners it was a nice local event which meant it was going to test me physically and mentally as 20 miles is a long way to run solo. Again the moto ‘Be bold, start cold’ was running through my head so opted for just the t-shirt again and what a decision it was, I’m getting good at this! The route was 2 unequal loops which took consisted of mainly country lanes. With limited info about drinks stations I blagged it and fitted a few gels in my shorts and these were a godsend. Hydration is key!

So lonely!!

Within a few minutes of the start the field had spread out, with no urge to look at my watch I was just going on feel and making sure I was comfortable. Got chatting to another guy for a few kms which broke down the first section and then I was alone. Into the back half of the first 10 miles I was just breaking it down into manageable chunks and then when I hit 10miles a weight seemed to lift off my shoulder, it was all down hill from here…metaphorically, not literally! Into the final 7+ miles I got comfortable and was able to pick the pace up a little and take over a few people which was quite the confidence boost. As I pulled into the finishing village the timing clock read 2.55 which I was so chuffed with as was hoping to go under 3 hours, and I did it all without looking at my watch. Also the numbers post race didn’t look bad either which is reassuring.

Already eyeing up the cake!

Now the search for the lemon drizzle begins….only to be met with options, so I took a bit of brownie and lemon drizzle (hope the race organisers don’t read this blog and ban me for life!!). Another event and a very pleasing/confidence boosting performance. 20 solid miles with limited pain or issues got me feeling happy for weeks to come. Optimal post race nutrition of Burger King enroute home was the cherry on top of a successful event!!

Distance number is getting bigger!

Jess’s 30th next week means I have my first rest weekend of the project. Wee trip to Wales to go ziplining and celebrate her getting old!! Following that I’ll be back with my first multisport event, Buccaneer Duathlon on 20th March!

Minimal photography = selfies when home!!

11 down…..41 to go!

Event Difficulty 3.5/5 20 steady country lane miles, nothing crazy but felt solid.
Event Goodies 3.5/5 Banging lemon drizzle and brownie, medals are always welcome.
Company 5/5 As I’ve said before, if you don’t love yourself then who will love you! Another solo Sunday!
Eye Candy 3/5 Nice route with plenty of countryside a few glimpses of the M4 to let the imagination wander, but two loops was a bit repetitive!
Event Scran 5/5 Double whopper and chilli cheese bites with coke (what’s with takeaways charging more for normal coke, dam sugar tax!)

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