Riding Solo

Wiltshire 10miler was a wet and windy affair, but I cant really complain about the weather as it was my first poor weather of the project! I was going solo up to Melksham for this race, couldn’t persuade anyone to join me! A leisurely 10am start meant not a crazy early morning as only 1 hour up the road. The drive up was a full speed windscreen wiper affair so it didn’t fill me with excitement for the coming 90 minutes!

With limited event details provided by the organisers I had no clue about bag drop, aid stations but from speaking with others in the car park…no one else had a clue either! Had to weigh up would I rather lose my jacket or get frozen while waiting for the start, stolen jacket it was and I jogged to the race HQ. Was good to see lots of local running clubs being represented, a few from COSARC (could have got a lift with a random!) and some serious looking runners. I stayed well away from the front.

Off we went for 10 miles of country roads up and around a small Wiltshire village called Lacock and then back into Melksham where they decided to put a hill just before the finish, cheers! I took the 1st 5miles steady but then the 2nd half was cold, wetter and headwindy so I decided to put a bit more effort in to get home quicker! Feeling wetter than an otters pocket I crossed the line and instantly felt cold! So grabbed my medal and Lemon drizzle cake (priorities!) then jogged back to the van. A few average photos later I got changed into my dry gear grabbed a coffee and a Greggs pasty and headed home with the AC on full blast!

Very Wet selfie!!

It kinda worked out well that I had no company as standing around or having others waiting for me would have been miserable.

Bit of Bling!

Winchester 10km next, and the return of Friends!!

8 Down…..44 to go!!

Chuffed with pace.
  • Event Difficulty 2/5 Nice gentle 10 miles around the Wiltshire lanes, weather made it go quicker!
  • Event Goodies 2/5 Best post race lemon drizzle cake I’ve had, managed to bring a bite back for Jess and she agreed! Solid medal too.
  • Company 5.5/5 Because if I don’t love myself…. who else is gonna!?
  • Eye Candy 2/5 Lacock is a pretty wee village with some dream houses, pity the grey sky’s killed any other views!
  • Event Scran 2/5 My Greggs sausage and bean pasty was hot and the Mocha warming so can’t complain too much, but no bacon roll in sight!!

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