Caribbean Twist

Whenever I read the title it takes me back to my uni days of mixing Lambrini and old faithful Caribbean twist, but you’ve not come here to hear about my uni! Event 9 saw the return of friends at the Winchester 10km run by Challenging events. The event was touch and go until about 6pm the night before due to Eunice, that wicked mistress! Challenging events pulled out all the stops and got the route primed and ready for close to a 1000 runners to embrace the roads of the medieval city!

A few weeks prior to the event I raised the idea with Chloe of trying to go fast and beat my PB, who kindly laughed and informed me it was a hilly course. To be honest I didn’t really believe her……Now I do! Over recent weeks I’ve been pretty slack with my race research prior to turning up which has not been quite refreshing to just turn up and run and not have a clue what’s coming or going. But reckon I may need to up my game as the distances get a little longer and more intense. Also relying on others for lifts (thanks Nancy) means can rock up blindly to events with no concept of direction or location!

Chris enjoyed being tall!!

10 km on closed roads through Winchester city and into the sticks and back made for a very pleasant and peaceful run without the worry of being on the road. Well I say peaceful, WHO RUNS WITH THEIR NIKE APP ANNOUCING TO THE WORLD HOW FAR THEY HAVE GONE AND HOW FAST! (Sorry mini rant over!). The marshals were great as always, especially the lad at the top of the lane with the choons cranking! However the gentlemen at the top of ” the last hill” you lied, there was more!! Again the freedom of running for fun and not looking at the watch was the best feeling, which was boosted even further when I saw the finish clock be sub 45 as I crossed line. Notable mention to the supporter wearing her dressing gowning and cheering, I envy you!!

Once again shown up by the old boys of Salisbury Tri club, Chris and Rhys coming in either side of 42 mins respectively. Doug and Nancy fuelled by Spanish beer and cheese from their recent ski trip put in a huge effort. Chole, who warned me of the hills, certainty wasn’t wrong with the undulations but manage to push the effort and get the job done! Another t-shirt to the collection, some snacks and a wee photo with the group to show off the medals before heading for brunch. Turtle Bay (understand the title now!?) has now got me wanting to move to the Caribbean. Who would have thought fried chicken is acceptable at 10am on a morning…..not that I’m doing anything ‘normal’ during Project52!

Next week sees me head to Hard Yards 10miler in Alresford. Be nice to try out the next trail trainer. Yes after complaining of mine needing replaced I finally bought some!

Gonna run out of fingers soon!!

9 Down…..43 to go!

See the traitors in red & black!?
  • Event Difficulty 2.5/5 It certainly wasn’t a flat 10km but it was a fun one!
  • Event Goodies 3/5 Another free event due to last years marshalling duties, a hefty medal and another t-shirt. I may go into business of selling event t-shirts after this!!
  • Company4.5/5 Any company after after running solo last week was going to score well, then getting invited to 5th wheel the cocktail boozers from Southampton Parkrun (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then go back 2 blogs!!). Also the speedsters of Romsey, Chrish & Rhys, were back to destroy my time. But can’t complain with t-shirts fnishing in the top 50!! But 0.5 knocked off for Chloe and Evan refusing to wear Project52 Gear!!
  • Eye Candy 1/5 Nice route but pretty average main road route, apart fromt he banging tunes at the top of one lane!
  • Event Scran 5/5 Turtlebay has some good brunch options, bottomless brunch was considered!!

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