Cocktails make great pre race nutrition!

With a week of recovery training it was good to take in another new parkrun and enjoy it at a nice sociable pace. Southampton Common Parkrun was the venue for Event 7 and I managed to persuaded Jess to take on her first of hopefully many of the project!

A short trip along the A36 and a few laps around the park, Jess studying for 3 years here clearly didn’t make any difference to her road knowledge, we met up with Nancy, Doug, Chloe and Evan. Who deserve huge kudos for hitting the cocktails till 1am the night before and still managed to get outta bed! By the smell of them, they were some pretty strong cocktails!! Cant say i’ve ever seen Nancy so quiet!

Southampton Common Parkrun is a really nice, really busy (900+ runners this week, but has been up to 1600 before!) couple of loop course of a few hills! Always confidence building when your cruising alongside people who sound like they’re about to breath up a lung!! Another painful route around a very fun looking playpark with a zip line which again i’d much rather be doing than running. Into the longest post finish line chute I’ve ever experienced, bar code scanned and now added onto my watch (technology eh!) and Parkrun was done. After the most complicated Coffee order, eh Nance, and a quick debrief and ski lesson. Jess and I headed to Ikea, Because who can go to Southampton and not go to Ikea!

Shopping done, only went for a cuddly toy, and then onto M&S for bacon roll and coffee to finish off a perfect recovery week event. Jess needs to revise for her Vet Nurse exams but it may become the official Project52 mascot once exams are passed!!

7 down…..45 to go!

  • Event Difficulty 1/5 Pleasantly busy Parkrun with a couple steady hills to enjoy the graft.
  • Event Goodies 1/5 Free event which is always appreciated by the bank account!
  • Company 5/5 Anything with Jess has to be scored this, just incase she reads this!! Also for the others to be on the booze till 1am and still rock up and put in a shift is huge kudos from me! Who knew Bacardi had performance enhancing ability!
  • Eye Candy 2/5 Bit of an Oasis in the middle of a big city!
  • Event Scran 1/5 Would easily be a 4/5 if we include the M&S bacon roll and coffee, but if just the park beverage then 1/5 is a fair score!

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