I’m in to the 40’s

I’m in to the 40’s

This week saw me head to Itchen Valley Country Park a place I’d not been in about 3 years and definitely felt GoApe would have been a more relaxed affair than what we had in store. Itchen Valley Parkrun is a reasonably new event with this being only their 28th edition, 28 being my lucky number surely has to mean something down the line!

Not satisfied with a parkrun alone I felt the need to cycle to Itchen to get the training in (cause Celtman ain’t gonna train for itself!). Quick change in the cramped toilet cubicle, life of luxury, and was ready to go. This week I had great company in Nancy, Doug (who people have been forcing me to try and meet for years!) & Farrell Barrel, who rudely declined to wear a Project52 T but proudly wore her Jo’s cervical cancer charity vest, as she’s training for a trek in Jordan, so I let her off.

Nice warm up!
Worn with pride!!

The start was in the middle of a field with the instruction ‘ the wider you go, the more likely you are to get 5k’, I clearly didn’t do wide enough! Doug and I set off chatting away, he appeared a lot more comfortable than I did. However there was role reversal coming his way on the 2nd half, clearly 40km of cycling hadn’t warmed me up properly! I’m not a Parkrun veteran so when I say its the best course I’ve ever done, you’ll just have to accept that having only 6 others to compare to, I still think its going to be hard to beat. Plenty of twists and turns and mud galore and even the agonising ‘you’re almost finished’ Marshall at least 1km from the finish was enough to make it an epic event! 25mins I wouldn’t have spent any other way!

1 big loop, with lots of turns!

With a quick photo and packing up of the bike in Farrell Barrells car – you didn’t think I was gonna cycle back did you!? We headed to the cafe for a well earned bacon roll and a coffee…..Bacon rolls seen to be a common theme on these blogs, maybe I should do Project52 Bacon roll edition (last weeks definitely winning so far!). Home time.

The aftermath

3 down……49 to go!

  • Event Difficulty 1.5/5 Distance would be a 1 but the mud definitely added an extra 0.5
  • Event Goodies 1/5 Free event always gonna get a point!
  • Company 5/5 Nancy ‘Chief baggage handler and coffee provider’, Doug kindly providing the conversation….for the first 3kms, and letting me take the win! & Farrell being chauffeur extraordinaire, making this trio tough to beat on the company scale!
  • Eye Candy 2/5 Would have scored more but making you run past all the cool Zip lines and not incorporating one into the run was just cruel. Also with all the mud, I spent most of my time looking at my feet!
  • Event Scran 2/5 Woodlands Cafe provided warmth but reckon the bacon may have been sitting out a while! And coffee from a auto machine, listen to me sound like a coffee snob!

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