Note to self, don’t ask faster runners to support you on a challenge!

Note to self, don’t ask faster runners to support you on a challenge!

All smiles before the start!

Event 2 saw Tom (said faster runner!) and I take on UK Running Events “Resolution Run” a 15km Trail race in Staunton Country Park, Havant. In not seeing Tom for quite a few months the hour + journey flew by. The pre-race conversation went as follows:

Tom: How hard are we going tomorrow?

Me: Very easy….but fast enough to beat you. Nah seriously, very steady. No heros in week 2!

Tom: I’ll see how I feel

Let me tell you, it wasn’t steady for me!!

With my trail trainers having seen better days I was really hoping for nice trail paths, so the reassuring words of the race director about changing the route to avoid the mud was greatly appreciated! We had glorious sunshine the whole 15km and the atmosphere was very pleasant. The trainers held up, few close calls on some very muddy bits but that just added a bit of spice to the fun. We definitely didn’t start off steady, 4.20 first 1km definitely had me puffing. But why not ignore the watch and the thudding in my chest and just press on, probably not the best mentality for all my events but I’m sure the odd one won’t hurt!

Glorious ☀️

15kms through mud, puddles, and hills later I pipped Tom at the line (or he kindly let me go, you decide!) and Event 2 was complete. Few snaps to celebrate, and then straight to the food van for a bacon roll. Great finish to a very enjoyable Sunday funday run. Part of the fun with the challenge will be using my early events as training for the bigger ones to follow.

  • Event Difficulty 2/5 It definitely felt a 3/5 but my legs tell a different story today so I’ll keep it a 2 and see how it compares to the next 50!
  • Event Goodies 4/5 Socks, Buff and a medal oh and not to forget the 50% NHS discount on entry!!
  • Company 4/5 Tom paid for bacon rolls and let me take the WIN, but knocked 1 off for pushing me hard!!
  • Eye Candy 3/5 Nice pond and fire tracks through woodlands to admire but to be honest I spent most my time look at my custom events t-shirt that Tom was modelling!
  • Event Scran 2/5 Bacon roll was a solid 3/5 but the coffee, cool wee landrover with proper coffee machine, hugely disappointed!

2 down…..50 to go

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