Youth Sport Trust

With the start of Project 52 on the horizon I thought I would introduce myself, Patrick Traylor, and talk about my challenge and my chosen charity. Project 52 challenge is about raising money for Youth Sport Trust in their mission to provide sport and physical activity opportunities to all children. Youth Sport Trust is a charity I have known of for a few years mainly due to their School Games events. The last couple of years have been very unusual and kids have suffered as much as adults if not more, imagine not being able to hang out with your mates every day! Unfortunately, with the numerous lockdowns, structured sport has been decimated, and children’s health has suffered due to this. I wanted to raise money for a great charity that would help children return and regain their passion for sport and physical activity.   

The main reasons I chose YST was due to their resources, inclusivity, and research. They provided lots of resources over the past year to not only help schools with home schooling but also to help with the return of the kids back to school and return to activity. They run great programmes for all ages, Healthy movers to Healthy lifestyle champions. All backgrounds, Girls active/Boys move to Inclusion 2024. And finally, the research they do makes sure the money they receive goes to where it is most needed and will have the best benefit for the children and young adults.  

So, starting on the 1st January 2022, I will take on 52 events in 52 weeks, from parkruns to ultramarathons, sprint triathlons to adventure tris and many other various endurance challenges. Throughout 2020 it was a bit like going through the motions, so this year I want to make the most of every weekend and really appreciate the opportunities that sport provides. By doing this challenge I hope to inspire others to take on their own physical challenges and potentially be a role model to their families and encourage even more people into sport and physical activity.  

Everyone needs a challenge every so often so why not join me at any or many of my events in the coming year! You can see my race diary here @project52 | Linktree with races being added regularly as we go. Follow me on Instagram @paddysproject52 where I will keep you updated on the challenge. Hope you have Happy New Year and have a great 2022 and please drop a few pennies in the Project 52 fundraiser pot!

You can donate and find out more here.

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